The icing on the cake!

My mood is as sunny as the county of West Yorkshire today!
At the beginning of the year I set out my vision and intention for the year. My vision board is split into 4 quadrants:
Family first (and always) – time with theBig Man, time with my boys, time as a family and with our extended family. 
My health – you can’t enjoy life without it! That includes keeping my mind healthy as well as my body with good exercise, food, meditation, Pilates…
My business – my passion! What has taught me so much, opened my mind, opened so many doors, introduced me to a whole new way of living life through attitude, belief and vision. Here I have photos of my tribe, my dreams for my business and for theirs… How many lives can I touch and change? 
And the last quadrant… This was an area I let myself imagine….. Imagine what?… Imagine what if??!! Imagine if something I loved to do as a hobby started to grow into something more.
In this quadrant I had pictures of coaching, mentoring, children, books, blogging, working from my garden writing, a big picture of vogue magazine, ‘the Ali sandwiches’ the book and the words ‘publish’ and ‘author’.
I had no idea how this quadrant would manifest throughout the year… But while cleaning my teeth this is the area I look at and ponder and have fun with…..  
And today, this week, the magic happened.
I am fulfilling a life long dream to work for a magazine! It’s not quite Vogue (yet!) but there is always a pretty lady on the front…
I have published in actual ink and print my first article in the magazine!
And…. I have been asked by two other independent sources to be a regular guest writer! One for a new website about health, mindfulness and all round ‘zen’ being…. And the other for a magazine about to hit the ground this summer for women just like me!

And the cherry on the cake?! Well I got to go out for lunch to write a food review… We sat outside by the lake, in the glorious sunshine and ate that cake!


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