“Do I want to live 90 years?  Or do I want to live 1 year for 90 years over and over”…


A powerful question I heard asked today… and really fits with my mind chatter at the moment..


“Do you obey the world’s opinion of you rather than be your own being?”


An interesting thought I heard today… and also fits with the conversation going on between my ego and my true self.


It’s all about the Ali career sandwich again. It is playing on my mind.


The universe is testing me, sending me leads and invites to what my gut and my heart says to do… and also offers up what my head and ‘the world’ thinks I should do.


One email sends me dancing around the kitchen and ringing my BFF, the Big Man and running next door to tell my mother-in-law …  The other makes my heart sink as the sound of the old fashioned till drawer pings.


The mark of true success is happiness.  Not the £ sign on your head, not the badge on your car, the rings on your fingers or the number of bedrooms or reception rooms.


I know what will make me happy. Obeying my true nature and doing what I have always wanted to do…  to be a Mum, to write, to teach and educate.  And I can see the path ahead of me far enough. It may not be a path paved in diamonds and in a Ferrari (to start with anyway), but it looks like a road I want to skip and dance in the rain down barefoot!


I know what will make ‘the world’ happy.  Obeying it may line my pockets with gold, but the gold will weigh me down, the weight of it bring me to my knees.  I won’t last very long.




Obedience plus comfort (Do what I know and keep doing it for 90 years) equals boredom, frustration, resentment.


Obedience plus courage (Do something new and keep doing new things every year) equals happiness, adventure, excitement….


Comfort versus Courage.


Doing the easy thing rather than the right thing…




Bags of it.





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