Dancing in the rain

I danced in the rain today.


I am breaking through the pile of crap that has been piling up on top of me…


My current theme tune.. ‘I can see clearly now the rain has gone’…


I feel that this time as I get to the other side of the storm, there is actually blue sky rather than another black cloud approaching.  As I pull myself up through the pile of poo to the fresh air, I can’t see another shovel of sh*t about to land on me.


I am so grateful that I have spent some time letting the grief, the sadness, the frustration, the anger, the negative emotions out, rather than suppressing them further.


I am so happy now that they are out…


Today, as I did a quick sprint circuit before picking up the boys from tennis, as I reached the summit, I was thinking of Mum, of gardening, of writing, of my boys, of my business, of my future and all the exciting little things that happened today… that the joy just bubbled up and burst out…..


And just as that happened, the heavens opened and the rain clouds burst too…


And I danced in the rain!  Literally!


Whatever happens… even if tomorrow is a bad day… today was a good one!  A great one!


Today, I danced in the rain.  I felt like me for the first time in a really long time…  it felt amazing!


dancing in the rain

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