Not so ‘Fun Mummy’..



The good news is that I pulled out another barrow full of weeds.


The bad news is that I just sent both boys to bed without bedtime snacks, bedtime quiet time, without a bath and no bedtime stories.


While I was digging out weeds, physically and mentally in the beautiful spring, warm sunshine… the boys had dug out the old playstation and the Big Man’s old street car games, plugged it in and were playing with it in the smart lounge.    Which wasn’t so bad, as they had been playing outside all afternoon making a new den in Granny’s garden..  But it was the attitude and the language that came out of their mouths when I asked them nicely to go for a bath.


A torrent of anger, mimicking, unpleasantness and total disrespectfulness towards me, including name calling!


It’s been brewing..


I probably haven’t been strict enough when they have been impolite, answered back, been rude.


Tonight they got the cool, calm, steely, no messing Mummy.


She doesn’t come out that often.  I am not her biggest fan.


But I do know that she has to come out sometimes, especially when boundaries are being tested and being tested just a bit too far.


Cool, steely Mummy is now chilling in the peace of the evening, about to serve the second sitting of supper and having a glass of something to return her to fun, soft, relaxed Mummy.


And then later, I will kiss their hot little cheeks, ruffle their hair with my nose, whisper I love them… and pray that they grow in to good, kind, polite, happy, healthy, wealthy and wise big boys.



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