Brown fingers..

Amazing what a little bit of sunshine does.  Spreading its light and warmth.  Sharing its energy and life.  Drawing you out of the gloom and in to the sun.


I am not a gardener.  Not in any way.  The Big Man calls me ‘brown fingers’ as I kill most living plant life… and relegated to weeding duties only.


But today, I was promoted to digging!


My task today was to thin out the lavender bushes along the path that have grown too big, suffocating each other.  I thought it would be a quick and easy job, but no, they are stubborn little bushes….


The heaving, forking, heaving, teasing and pulling was actually very cathartic.  My focus and attention directed at the dead plants.  My inner anger fuelling my strength.  Definitely cathartic.


My scratches representing small battles won.


And very satisfying.  My empty beds.  Ready for fresh new growth.


Maybe I will be promoted to planting!?




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