Loo break

Where to start? Or what to say?
Do I talk about the fact that I just laughed and tripped my way down steep rickety wooden stairs from the loft room to the basement loos in a lovely restaurant in york… Wincing at the pain and stiffness in my legs and the malcoordination from a few too vodkas…
Do I talk about the wasted 2 hours looking in car garages with 3 car obsessed boys when I thought I was going for a browse inHarvey nicks? 
Do I talk about how much I enjoyed my first weights and gym session for such a long time… But is the reason I can no longer walk?
Do I talk about my lovely long chat with my cheery, happy Dad? Or my conversation with my poorly favourite aunt who I wish I could live closer to so I could turn on her fire, make her a cup of tea and take her biscuits… Because she is in too much pain to move?
Do I talk about the long pep talk I had with Bambi….where she made me think about growing some bollocks? I really should grow some…. 
Do I talk about how gorgeous my sons were today spending their £1 coin pocket money in the shop…? A maths lesson hidden in sugar… How could they get the most for their money… ? 55p for tic tacs, 25p for a fudge… And how many penny sweets (which no longer exist as they are 5p??? WTF????
I don’t have time to elaborate … I had 5 minutes for a loo break in a dinner party and my next vodka awaits…..

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