I bought two bunches of daffodils.  One is above the aga in the sunny warm kitchen and one on a south facing windowsill in a cool bedroom.


The ones in the kitchen are open, tall, blooming, vibrant, bright yellow, trumpets loud and proud to be alive.


The ones in the cool, sunless bedroom and still tight closed, shy and quiet, blossoms all curled up and hidden from the world…


I want to uncurl.  I want to blossom.  I want to be my bright, loud and proud self again…   I have been hiding in the cool, in the shade.


In the spring sun, with the courtyard walls intensifying the warmth, our conservatory is a delightful place to lie, to feel the heat tingle your skin and the sounds of the garden lull you in to a soporific state.


Maybe if I lie here long enough, I will feel reenergised.  Ready to blossom.


Maybe if I lie here a little each day, I will start to uncurl.  Ready to be proud again.


Maybe if I find warm, sunlight places to be, I will open up.  Ready to be loud again.




I am hopeful. I already feeling a little springlike…



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