Me and my fat suit

Me and my fat suit.


I have a very bad self image of myself.  I am consistently working on it.  However, I am learning to be patient with myself. My Mum was fixated about my weight as a young girl.    She worried that I had a tendency to go to fat, given some of the family genes.  My sugar intake was limited and seconds often not allowed.  In my 20’s, when I was let loose in to university and I could eat and drink what I liked, I did become rather chubby and moon faced… the blastaway and bacon sarnie diet.


In the holidays, her comments were far from complementary and I can still hear her saying ‘you can’t go out in that skirt, it doesn’t suit your legs’… I remember the little green wrap skirt.  It is only recently that I have started to wear skirts again, and only on a non ‘fat’ day.


As with most uni graduates who start serious work, the weight dropped off, my 24 hour hangovers wouldn’t cut it at Accenture (well – once or twice it did) and alongside so many others, I took to the treadmill and medicine ball in the Virgin gym.


When I got married at the end of my 20’s I was a size 6-8 and stayed that way until I fell pregnant with Tom… and ringing in my ears, I still hear my Mum’s cutting words, ‘you can tell you are pregnant from the size of your bum’.


I know she meant well – she had my health and best interests at heart.  She wanted me to look good and feel good.


Her well meaning, programmed my thoughts about how I look and what I eat… how I see myself


After 4 days of over indulgence – wine, cheese, bread, crepes, vin chaud, hot chocolate, chips, 3 course meals and gallons more wine and genepi –  I am definitely wearing a fat suit.


However, last night as I shared my knowledge and experience of healthy eating with a lovely bride and her bridesmaids, I realised that I have educated myself and now rather than feeling guilty or stressed about the fat suit, I know understand how and why I feel like I am wearing a fat suit and what I can do about it.


If only I knew in my teens and 20’s and after my pregnancies, I would have found shedding weight far less stressful and emotional.  The solution is just common sense and very simple.


The body is like a bath:  the taps are where the flow of food as well as toxins come in.  The drain is where they flow out.  If the flow in runs faster than they can run out, or the drain gets blocked, the bath fills up and sometimes overflows.  This filling up of the body represents the side effects of toxicity of the body – lethargy, bad skin, bloat and even to illness.  The right solution isn’t necessarily to get a mop to clear up or syphon out the toxins..   Simply, turn off the tap and start to work on unplugging the drain.  With my health and wellbeing business, I have a fabulous range of products at my immediate disposal to help with the unplugging safely.  The turning off the tap, just means get rid of bad food in the house!


The other fact I wish I knew back in my 20’s is that health and how you look is roughly 90% within your control.


Only 10% is genetic… so my Mum needn’t have worried so much.


I thought I had to run, exercise daily in order to keep slim and then it wouldn’t matter what I ate.  However, apparently, exercise only attributes to roughly 10% of your health. You can’t outrun a bad diet of late night burgers, chocolate for skipped lunch and a croissant at your desk….


That leaves roughly 80%.  That 80% is what you eat and more importantly what you digest.  So eat good stuff – 80% of the time at least anyway (We are allowed a bit of fun!  Happiness contributes to healthiness too) – and be good to your digestion. You wear how well your digestion is working on your face, your skin, your hair and your nails…


And the final fact of the fat suit … Fat is necessary to your health.  Fat protects your organs by trapping the toxins.  I used to be a skinny fat…  highly toxic.  Worked hard, exercised a lot, didn’t eat or if I did, I overcompensated for the lack of good food with chocolate and wine. I was always ill.  I was highly toxic… skinny and no fat to trap the toxins.


I now eat lots.  Lots of healthy foods, 3 meals a day and 2 healthy snacks.  My body isn’t a temple, but I do treat it well.  I want to live a long time and toxins are the main cause of so many diseases these days… Good food means I have lots of energy and exercise 3 times a week and that keeps me pretty lean.  I am a healthy size 8.


So pouring so many toxins in to my body over 4 days has totally messed with it and ruined my digestion.  I can feel my calves stretched to cover a layer of fatty tissue.  My tummy is bloated and wobbly.  I am lethargic, but can’t sleep.  I am sniffling.


I am wearing a fat suit.


So I am taking my own very good advice to my clients.  Eliminate the toxins. Drink loads of water to flush out those remaining in your body.  Get lots of sleep.  Eat nutrient rich food. Take good supplements. Get moving.


If I have learnt so much about health and weight and nutrition, it is because of my Mum and her conscious or unconscious remarks to me.  I used to hate those memories and now I embrace them… they remind me to be healthy first.


Vanessa Minnillo wearing a 350lb fat suit in NYC
Vanessa Minnillo, presenter for MTV’s TRL turns herself into a 350lb woman as an experiment for Entertainment Tonight TV show.Picture by: Aaron St. Clair
Ref: ASNY 161105 B

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