Magic. Medicine. Mum.

Do you believe in magic?
Today I did.
The forecast before we left the UK  was wall to wall snow storms. One of the reasons we hesitated to book to head to the Alps and considered chasing the sun.
Do you believe in The Secret?
Today I did.
We woke up to clear skies and wall to wall sunshine.. I only imagined and expected the sunshine, skiing on fresh powder and the sun glinting on snow.
Do you believe in the power of love?
Today I did.
My Mumbo was a tour de force in life for those she loved. Today, she was in every diamond glint of snow, in every powder bowl, every snow flurry… She was the reason the sun defied the forecast and rose behind the mountains at first light and stayed well after it was due to be hidden behind the clouds. She was the reason we could ski on fresh powder, dance on the tables outside, enjoy the sunset… 
Today was the medicine, the tonic, the bomb.

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