Life lessons on the piste 

I have a lot to thank my sister in law for… Today is what she would call ‘perfect conditions’ for a day skiing…. 20+ years ago, I did not agree with her …. I would reluctantly pull on my ski boots and trudge after her, her enthusiasm enough for the two of us and any other poor soul with us…
20 years skiing with her, the Big Man and many others far better, more natural skiers than me and I am inclined to agree with her.
The snow is falling, the light is ‘flat’, visibility nil…. Not your typical ‘perfect blue skies perfect condition’…
But… The slopes are quiet, the lift queues non existent…. Conditions putting off the fair weather skiers. and the fresh snow is like icing sugar, light and fluffy… The dream stuff
When you can only see a few meters ahead, the only way to move forward is to relax, let your knees soften, take the bumps and obstacles as they come, dig in your edges over the slippy ice patches and lean into the resistance of unexpected snow piles… Enjoy the ride… Keep calm. If you fall, pray for a soft landing as you fly through the air…. And then catch your breathe as you watch the clouds of snow dance around you… Pick up your lost bits, poles and skis… Dust yourself off and get back on it as quickly as you can….
On the flat, dull, quiet transition roads…. It’s time to coast.. Then get out your tools, your poles and get back into momentum…. Swing those arms, glide those feet…. Begin to feel the pace pick up… Feel the adrenalin! Anticipate what lies ahead…
In moments of clarity, when the sun comes out and lightens up the path… ****** let yourself go! Pick your path…. Speed up! Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face… Practice your balance over the jumps and bumps and tight turns…. Find your rhythm. Become self aware, mindful… See how your body responds to the terrain, practice your good habits – lean in, be grateful for the light – let them become second nature so that they continue into the darker periods. 
At the top of an icy, black mogul field… There is only one way to tackle it…. Launch! Throw yourself into it…. It’s always good to challenge yourself … Put into practice everything you have learnt….and just get down. Find your rhythm. One turn at a time… Find your flow and keep going. Feel the burn!….. God forbid if you stop…. Legs turn to jelly and fear can set in… Get through the pain as quickly as possible… And as soon as you hit the bottom, reach the end of the torture…. Let the exhilaration wash over you, give yourself a massive pat on the back. And then pour yourself a massive glass of vin chaud with a shot of something badass and give thanks that you got through it unscathed, in one piece…. 
If you hear good music and a party going on…. Head over, let your hair down and join in… Dance on the table and drink from the bottle!

Life on the slopes, is like life off the slopes… Whatever the condition, whatever the road travelled… Throw yourself in and Enjoy the thrill!  

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