Dear Universe…

Dear Universe, dear Genie in the lamp who says ‘your wish is my command’… this is what I wish for right now.


I wish for a little bit of boring… a little bit of normality…

I would like calm, no upsets… no deaths, no broken bones, no emotional outbursts, no nastiness.

I wish for weekday routine… a simple, single school run, with fun tunes on the radio, my boys happy, munching apples.

I wish for weekend routine with football, rugby, lie ins, car washing and Friday night in the pub, Saturday night out and Sunday family cinema.

I wish for a simple life, James happy in a steady job, no dramas, no long commute, no staying away.

I wish for simple, silly, family holidays… walks on the beach or gentle skiing, sandcastles or snowballs… the sun.  Just the sun and the warmth.  I don’t care where.


Just for 6 months… or even a few months.

And then maybe the adventures can begin again.. for the Big Man anyway…


But right now… for me.. just some calm, some certainty…. Some boring.


That is all.

Thank you.




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