Tom’s glass is half full

My Tom Tom.

He is an angel.  A gift from heaven.


Apart from gaining 4 stone during pregnancy, it was pretty relaxed pregnancy.  He started to make his imminent arrival known on his due date.. he took a couple of days to come out.  He came out with one arm ahead of himself in the superman pose – this caused some issues with actually coming out fully and easily, so he was yanked into this world by an army of paediatric consultants suddenly arriving in my delivery suite and then brought back to life by the human angels in Jimmy’s.


Maybe it was that very brief moment in time in the presence of angels that made him as he is.


He was an angel baby.    He slept through the night from 10pm to 6.30am from 7 days old.  He fed for 45 minutes every 2 hours.  He smiled, laughed and never lay down… always on his feet, wanting to run… see everything, smile at everyone.  He eats everything, goes to bed on time, does as he is told (80% of the time)… kind to his brother, kind to everyone to the extend of wanting to make them happy… Joins in with everything.. Loves life.


As I arrived at school, there he was.. on the edge of the astro turf, with his mop of yellow hair, a massive beam on his face waving his crutches high above his head – ‘Mum!!!  OVER HERE!!!!’


He is a glass half full kind of child.  Even with a broken leg which means he can’t do all the sports he loves – football, rugby, swimming.. and maybe even skiing!!!… he still has a massive smile…   As I reach him, he tells me excitedly that he has 8 new names on his cast today and that his new mate Tom is awesome and being so kind to him… he sits with him at playtime when he isn’t allowed outside.


He tells me he can carry his stuff and he knows a short cut back to the car… and off he swings at full pelt down the path… singing to himself.


A fractured fibula doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all!  Glass half full he is making the best out of the situation.


If I was told I couldn’t run, swim, go to the gym, have a shower, drive… and do all the things I love to do and am used to doing on a daily basis, I am not sure I would mirror his great spirits.  I imagine that I would be glass half empty, focusing on all the things I couldn’t do… getting more frustrated, grumpy, scowly by the minute.


Having seen Tom respond so well to his situation, makes me so proud.


I was so worried last week about the escalating rough play towards him.  Despite Tom declaring that the head collision, the tooth imprint in his forehead and the slide tackle in to the railings were accidents… I was convinced there was something worse going on.  I was worried Tom was being kind to cover up what was happening so that football woudn’t be banned… or so that as the new boy he would be liked.


I saw the worst of the situation.  I saw the glass half empty.


Seeing through Tom’s eyes – I will see the glass half full.


He is having fun on his crutches.  He is young, he will mend quickly and be back on those pitches in no time.


He is getting lots of attention and having time to bond outside of the football pitch with other boys in his year group.


He is going to get a bigger playground at some point in the future!  If he doesn’t benefit, then at least Willy will…


As parents, we have put the school under pressure, under a magnifying glass and they have responded accordingly, appropriately, calmly and reassuringly.


After a week of glass half empty… I am half full again.  Thanks Tom.



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