Taking 5

Just having to take 5.

Taking 5 to take stock and appreciation of life.

Life is fleeting.

Time flies.


Today I woke in my old bedroom after such a deep sleep….

Today I had breakfast made for me… homemade stewed apple (made by Dad!) and yoghurt..

Today I went for the most beautiful run, frosty, fresh…

Today I laughed out loud at my favourite road sign…

Today I saw my favourite Aunt… we ate biscuits and giggled like we did when I was little..

Today I saw my Mum, she wouldn’t let go of my hand.

Today I had coffee and cake with my Dad.

Today I had gorgeous giggles with my next favourite 2 blond boys..

Today I had cuddles from one of my oldest, closest friends and business partner..

Today I saw my boys on facetime, laughing and happy..

Today I had long chats about the future with the Big Man, exciting times ahead..

Today I am being welcomed for supper to someone I don’t know…


Just taking 5.

And appreciating the small things.. the seemingly insignificant things that make a numbing day in to a wondrous one…





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