Dad the chef!

I am so proud of my Dad. 

As I set off from Leeds after my Mosaic Mentoring class in Armley, I texted my Dad to say I was on my way. The reply came – “let me know when you are an hour away….”


As I pulled in to my childhood home drive, I always get a rush of emotion. I’ve only really known 2 homes… Holly Bank, my family home as a child, teenager and as I grew to an adult and the home I have made with the Big Man.


And there’s my DJ – big grin – arms open – rushing to open the gate for me…’you made good time!’ 


The last time I was home, we were still going through all the jumble of Mum’s obsessive hoarding that was part of her own characterisation of Alzheimer’s. Multiple pieces of unnecessary furniture crowding the space, bundles of towels littering each room, collections of papers, pens, stones, dishes cluttering surfaces and cupboards stuffed to overfilling with decades of fashion items.


Dad has done an amazing job – the house is as new. It is spacious and light again. Surfaces free and clean. Clear of clutter….


He excitedly asks me if I am ready for supper and a glass of wine…? So much for a dry January! A toast to my 40th… and to accompany my first meal made for me by Dad since I was six. 
 We still laugh at Dad’s culinary mishaps – he was left to cook chips once and Mum came home to a fire singed kitchen. The next time he was allowed to make us tea (without using any form of heat), we had salad… we found slugs in the lettuce, the tomatoes were mouldy and he sprinkled it with frozen peas! It is funny what you remember..


But I will remember tonight…


At almost 80, my Dad is the proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks… We dined on salmon, potatoes and perfectly crunchy green beans. And then…. AND THEN…..


He quietly went back to the oven and pulled out pudding! He had made a bread and butter pudding… his trademark question… ‘would you like cream, custard, ice cream … or all 3?’…

It was delicious. 


For a gentleman who was never allowed to cook after the chip incident and then not even allowed in the kitchen after the frozen pea dinner… he has excelled himself. 


I am so proud of my Dad.


He recently sent me these words, saying he thought I might like it for my blog one day. It seems fitting that I include it today as I believe it is a beautiful philosophy for life.. and one that my wonderful Dad is living by and by doing so, setting a wonderfully inspiring example to us all:


Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. 

Life is beauty, admire it. 

Life is a dream, realize it. 

Life is a challenge, meet it. 

Life is a duty, complete it. 

Life is a game, play it. 

Life is a promise, fulfill it. 

Life is sorrow, overcome it. 

Life is a song, sing it. 

Life is a struggle, accept it. 

Life is a tragedy, confront it. 

Life is an adventure, dare it. 

Life is luck, make it. 

Life is life, fight for it.”


Mother Theresa.

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