It’s a long one…

So. Back to my formula for success… I am going to write it out … read it back… and then see what happens. I needed to write this in the day, alert… rather than at the end of the day….


The success formula that I will be applying for 2016 is as follows.


First of all define, success. What does success look like … or more importantly, FEEL like for me…   That’s easy.

I want to feel happy.


So what is happiness for me… ?

The year that we had the most financial success, the most belongings, the fast cars and jewelry, multiple exotic holidays… was the year I was the most desperately unhappy. So I know that ‘things’ don’t make me happy, or at least long term happy!


The times I have felt the most sincerely happy, are the times I feel at peace with myself and everyone and everything around me.


The times I have felt the most happy are when I am in the moment… when my head is clear of chatter and lists and worry.. When I am focused on one thing only, and the thing I am doing right then… not worrying about the future, what has to get done… not worrying about the past, how it affected me..


The times I am most happy are when I am writing this blog.


The times I am most happy are when I am in bed with two little boys curled up reading stories.


The times I am most happy are family sofa times, family meal times, family walks.


The times I am most happy are when I am just with the Big Man… talking, opening up…. Feeling his strength and his warmth, feeling protected and loved.


The times I am most happy are reading a good book, curled up under my duvet or lying in the sun…


The times I am most happy are when I run… music loud, legs free.


The times I am most happy are when I am making a difference, educating others

whether that be through my Mosaic Classes or sharing the Arbonne story.


The times I am most happy are when I am with people on the same wavelength as I am…


I love the saying… ‘A man is not a financial plan’…

So, if all that is what makes me happy, how can I build a life, how can I personally build an income to support that life If I want that happy life, then it is up to me to make that happen… I am responsible for that… and that is a powerful feeling. I don’t have to rely on anyone to make that happen. And given I am no stranger to hard work, that is empowering.


So the formula then for success (once you know what success is):


If (M + V) + (H + E) = F



M is mind and V is vision.

H is heart and E is emotions or feelings.


It is when the heart and mind works together in harmony… that is when the magic happens.


In your mind, there is a vision of your life as you wish it, dream it.

In your mind, there is the vision of what you intend to create.

By holding in your mind and looking at your vision regularly (some say at least 3x a day for 10 minutes), your intentions of what you want to manifest are imprinted on the conscious mind.

Once your conscious mind recognizes what you want, it will then be able to single out opportunities and people to realize the vision. The creative juices of the conscious mind will begin to flow…


In your heart, and your gut, you have feelings and emotions. These are interlinked with your Core Values (mine are light, love, purity, integrity, gratitude and laughter). Together this is your navigation system… you know if something feels right or wrong… if right, then the action or choice you are about to make is in line with your core values and you feel good. Alternatively, if the action you are about to take isn’t in line, then you feel bad…

These feelings or emotions are there to guide your subconscious mind in supporting your conscious mind in to action. They are your programming.


(As an aside, fear is an emotion .. but we are only born with the fear of falling or the fear of loud noises.. everything else is learnt and can therefore be unlearnt. Fear is often the reaction to doing something new and releases the same chemicals and reactions in the body as excitement… a topic for another day maybe… But not doing something if you are fearful, isn’t a reason not to do it… )


So when your hearts and minds are aligned, your feelings are good and that puts out a certain energy, you are on a specific frequency. And here is the ‘F’ in the formula.


Just like we tune in to a radio station frequency that appeals to us as an individual, when you are acting on a certain frequency you will attract other opportunities, people, circumstances that will be on that same wavelength.


And that is where the magic happens. F = P + A.

Frequency gives you the Power and therefore to  Attract what you need to create what you have in your mind….


If anyone had read the above words to the cynical, negative Ali Mortimer, 3 years ago… I would have laughed and said that it was nonsense, unbelievable… rubbish.


So hence the last part of my formula: (2T + C)= S


Getting your Mind and your Heart to work together and be aligned to create the Frequency you need to be on to have the Success you want… takes 2 things… well 3 actually:




And Consistency.


You have to Trust that the principle works. I have done my research, read books, learnt from others who have put this practice into place… successful people, wealthy people in terms of financial income, but in terms of peace in their hearts and lives.


And you have to give it Time and patience. This is a skill that has to be practiced with Consistency, daily so that it becomes second nature….


3 years ago, I was asked the question – what did I want for my life? What did I want to be known for?

I had no idea. I was so wrapped up in my ego… and didn’t believe in a future that was any more than what I currently had as I wasn’t sure I could do any more than I currently did.


So I consciously wrote down the answer, I added visuals and pictures, words and phrases…


I still have my first vision collage.




I used to look at rather infrequently, but at least once a day as it was on my desk, behind my PC screen. Just visible….

At the time, I wasn’t sure I believed in the principle… but I thought I would give it a go.


It amazed me, that a year later, when I noticed the collage had fallen down… That I had achieved or received everything on that collage. I spent more time with my boys, my family, my best friends; we had been travelling, skiing; I had pretty much the exact handbag and the necklace was a ring but of the same design; I had done more charity work and the boys had been offered a place at the school we had always dreamed they would go… and I had someone to help me do the housework (which I had put in as a joke!).


The only thing I hadn’t achieved or received… was my new company car – a white Mercedes. However, I had helped my great friend get hers! Note to self – put yourself in the picture!


So whether I believed in the process or not at the start… I did after that… and I do now… I trust and believe in the principles and the process…


I trust in the formula.

I know what I want to create for myself and my family and my life.

I am mindful of my emotions and core values…

I trust in the principles…

I surrender to the formula…
















2 thoughts on “It’s a long one…

  1. Love this, I think I do a lot of this unknowingly as a formula but it makes absolute sense. I agree about defining happiness and success. For me it’s fine with those I love, working remotely and to my own schedule. Thanks for sharing this x


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