Spread a little joy…

There are people we come across in the journeys of our life that can have an effect on us… they can have an effect on our moods, our attitudes… they can make us have a lighter, springier step… or they can make us feel like all the light present in us has been extinguished…


Today I was so lucky to have spent time with several people who have illuminated a spark or two inside me… have made me feel good! They spread their joy… and it rubbed off on me.


Having my hair cut is like having therapy.


Not just because I walk out feeling fab because I get great hair! But because my friend who cuts it is just one of life’s most effervescent, generous, spirited, crazy-fun people. Rather than the herbal, fresh lemon and ginger tea we drink, you would think we were on the tequila shots at 9.30 in the morning! His laugh is infections… and his energy is tangible. He talks at a million miles an hour and we get through all the topics we need to discuss from travel, life events, Christmas, books and business…


My hair is only just finished as his next appointment walks in…


And I am in for my second treat of the day… I have my own private coaching session with one of the people I admire so much in the industry that I work in. Her eyes are massive and beautifully blue and she is the kind of person you can tell all your secrets to and know they are safe… Her calmness, her natural kindness is warmth personified…


As I swop my gorilla slippers for my favourite Zapita snakeskin boots and step outside, I am a new person… a little piece of their gorgeous personalities reflected into my own … I am armed with confidence and new books to read…


It’s at this point, I wish I had taken a photo… new carpets mean no outside shoes… we had hulk feet, gorilla faces and moon booties as slippers….! And as I think about it, they tie in nicely with how I felt as I left…


The Hulk – I am bullet proof, strong… don’t mess with me!

Gorilla faces – I am full of fun and have a massive grin!

Moon boots – I am on a rocket ship! Watch out world!


Today has made me realize more than ever it is so important to spend the most time with the people who bring out the best in you, make you feel good, make you feel inspired… who make you believe that anything is possible…


Maybe more importantly, it has made me understand that I need to be aware of how I am when I am around others … moods, attitudes are infectious….










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