The Sandwich Dilemma

The Sandwich Years.


My first blog in this series explained the concept of the so-called ‘Sandwich Years’ as being the years when you have the responsibility of parenting your own children at the same time as being concerned for and/ or having responsibility of your parents.


I find myself in a Sandwich dilemma.


Next week is my favourite week in the school calendar (along with sports day week!)… it is the Christmas play, the Christmas nativity and the Christmas Carol service, Christingle…   There is nothing like watching the boys in their plays… fingers up noses, inappropriate yawning… waving and leaping! Their delighted faces to see me in the crowd.


Next week it is looking like my Mum is moving out of the hospital in to a new nursing home.


Next week is our 10th wedding anniversary.


How does one split oneself in to 3? How do you prioritise husband over children, children over parents, marriage over being a good daughter, good mother?


Late night text discussions with the Big Man, 10th wedding anniversary romantic plans postponed until our 11th.


Willy performs on Tuesday and Wednesday and Tom on Wednesday and Thursday…. Willy is a shepherd and knows his lines beautifully, has sung me all his songs with the actions, he hates his costume but loves his shepherds crook. Tom is snow. I have no idea what he is doing, but I had to get his cricket whites totally white! (impossible… )


The hospital is keen to move Mum on so they can release her bed … She is being assessed on Monday and past experience means they will move her pretty quickly… She is so fragile, I can’t bear not to be there with her to support her through a stressful time, confusing time, unsettling time.


If there was a time for cloning, this would be it.

If there was a time for teleporting, this would be it.


Dare I ask for a Christmas Miracle?



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