As we escaped the rain for a hot chocolate this morning, the bar was covered in little paintings… And several caught my eye… A lovely simple sketch of lovers kissing, the words ‘Work like a captain, play like a pirate’ and this one…. 
Esc … Escape…. And while this week hasn’t been on a deckchair, it has definitely felt like an escape from reality, real life..  
Busy days and lazy days, puddings and ice creams, wetsuits and wellies, sofa snoozes and sofa suppers, rose for lunch and red for supper, sunshine and rain, lie-ins and tigers (old family joke), bacon and black pudding, sand surfing and sea surfing, hot chocolate and marshmallows, family and family, nieces and nephews, woolly hats and sunglasses, pasties and posh, pj’s and blankets, cuddles and kisses, signal free and animal free, sandy feet and sandy car, doc Martin and downton, Indie and Bond….
One more day of gorgeously, delightful muddle and chaos…. My kind of palm tree and deck chair…

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