The time for a break… A rest… A change..

A chance for headspace..
And I know this one is working…. My mind is less noisy, the cogs slowing, grey matter slumping…
Just like I am, on the comfiest sofa in the world, the worry free sofa… Next to my dad, lovely dad who keeps twitching as he nods off for a minute or two so he can watch the next couple of minutes!
My body relaxed from a few glasses of something nice…
My tummy full from a delicious meal, comforted by my food baby. (I knew there was a reason I invited my sister to join us this half term… Her husband! Chef extraordinaire! Ha ha! )
My favourite movie of all time – the Thomas Crown Affair – with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo – part of my vision chocolate…. Who wouldn’t want a Thomas Crown in their life? And Rene Russo’s wardrobe, style, chic-ness? I daydream about a hideout, a getaway, shabby shack in the Bahamas… 

The big man, Mr OCD is due to arrive shortly…  Not too dissimilar to PB or TC… 

Then the holiday will be complete… 
Well almost…. Just a little thought, a moment, a subtle nod to my missing mum…. Who would have loved the last two days on the beach with her grandchildren, eating ice creams, crazy bath times and noisy meals…
Tomorrow… Sun’s out and Surf’s up dudes!

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