The tale of two Karens

A tale of two Karen’s…

To help me turn my ‘unhappy’ list into a happy one… I needed to enlist the help of 2 Karen’s… Both I consider good friends and both excellent in their chosen paths.

Karen… According to the Internet, the name ‘Karen’ is a Greek name and means ‘Pure’.

And both these wonderful ladies, friends are experts in purity and purifying others. 

My date this morning was with the first KAren who purifies with her hands… We refer to my sessions as her time in the boxing ring as she pummels and kneads, before smoothing and softening .. Releasing the stress, sadness, guilt, anger, releasing the tension, releasing the toxins stored in my muscles… My muscles tired from carrying my burdens, often self imposed through my thoughts, my feelings…. 

And so while KAren is a magician with her hands, my date with the second KAren is like the scene in Harry Potter, where Dumbledore uses his wand to pull the memories from his mind and put them in the Pensieve. Like Dumbledore, Karen is a wizard, but she is a wizardess of the mind… She draws out what needs to be said… And holds it for me to see and make sense of it. We analyse the words together and go deeper in to the feelings and emotions attached…. We cleanse my mind of the bad thoughts, bad feelings… We put Dobby the house elf and my saboteur to rest … For the time being anyway! 


I get homework from both…. Karen with the magic hands tells me to drink lots of water to continue to flush out the toxins.  Karen with the magic words advises me to continue to let the words and expressions out… To flush out the thoughts and feelings through self expression – whether through the written word, drawing or anything creative.

So it has been a day of personal purification… And I learnt that self-care, self-cleansing, self-awareness is absolutely required and should be done guilt free…

…the guilt that I usually feel for taking time for myself has diminished (still there a little… but a lot less).  I have appreciated that this afternoon, I was a far calmer, far more relaxed and had the ability to give more attention to Tom as he wanted to take me for lunch (he wanted to pay… but needed my wallet!)… had more patience to sit and watch the boys and their friend rag round the park for well over an hour (I usually get itchy feet after 40 minutes!), get on the swings with them and see who could swing the highest or until we were sick!    So the time I spent on myself this morning, paid back and gave others joy… and my boys went to be happy …. and dirty – grubby knees can be washed in the morning! ..

So a day of asking for help… and of personal purification I recommend it.

I strongly recommend it….



And if you need help…. Here are my Karens…

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