Sunday afternoons…

The boys are outside playing with some sort of ball… either rugby, or football… or could even be a soggy tennis ball. I don’t know. But they are outside…

James has just left to go for a quick jog… to sweat out the wine from last night or to wake himself up … having rather embarrassingly snored the way through Transylvania 2 at the cinema.

And I am feet up on the coffee table, a pile of the Sunday papers and a hot green tea….

In half an hour we are invited next door for Sunday family roast and Granny will feed us all up and Grandpa will poor the wine… The boys will eat their body weight in roast potatoes and we will discuss the Sunday papers, the weather, Strictly and how many tries Tom scored at rugby this morning…

So I have 25 minutes… to blog or to read…

And today, after yesterday’s turmoil of emotions, I am letting my brain, my mind and my heart feel nothing… think nothing… live in the moment and I am going to indulge in the papers and my tea!


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