My favourite bit

James is home.  And with his arrival, it feels like someone turned off the power switch.  It honestly felt like the energy just flowed from my body as I saw him at the train station, I could barely drive the car the last few yards.  Thank goodness he is the driver in this family.

I had a whole topic I wanted to write about today, whizzing around in my head following conversations this morning with some wonderful new friends… maybe it needs to mature a bit?  roll around in my head a bit more… maybe I just don’t have the energy to write out the discussion, debate that is playing out in my head…. maybe I am just exhausted, emotionally, physically, mentally?

Maybe I set myself too tough a challenge… a blog a day?  what was I thinking?  as if I need more to do… But I am a tenacious soul and if I say I will do something, I will… even if the excitement of the initial moment has gone.  The definition of commitment.  But that’s a whole new topic and don’t get me started… It’s far to easy to not be these days…

I always end the day with my boys in bed, asking them what their favourite bit of the day was… Willy always answers ‘this bit’ as he throws his arms around my neck and kisses me.  Tom always says ‘dunno’… followed by ‘which player do you like best out of my football cards’ or ‘Mummy.. did you know…’

My favourite bit today was watching the interaction of the boys with their weekend Dad… as if no days had passed, chatting, laughing..hearing the joy in their voices, singing silly songs and pulling hair.  I loved the family movie time as we all snuggle in a heap on the sofa, tangled legs, bony elbows and knees… I loved hearing a sleepy boy creep down the stairs to give Daddy a note… ‘I love my Dad a lot’.

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