the 2 brains of a super hero

I think there must be something on my mind.  My subconscious mind.  And try as I might, I cannot tap in to it. While my brain brain is whirring, trying to sort something out, my second brain is letting me know there is something going on and it is not happy about it..


My second brain is my gut.  While my brain works overtime, my gut lets me know I am anxious.  My IBS flares up.  Pain. Nausea. And my energy levels dip, sapped by the constant cogs turning in my brain and my digestion poor, absorption meaning I am not getting the right levels of nutrients.


And as I sat there this morning, frustrated with my 2 brains, wanting to use at least one of them for a better purpose, my phone pinged with a message.


I saw this and thought of you.”  And the words helped me relax.  Maybe I have been trying too hard recently?  Too hard to ignore things that have stirred up painful memories.  Too hard on work opportunities, study and ideas in my head.  Too hard to make my original plans go to plan and then too hard to let the plans go.


Anyway, the words made me emotional and pretty choked.  I have done the hard work.


I just need to chill the f*ck out.  I am a super hero.  And I have 2 brains!



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