My sad little suitcase…

My little suitcase looks sad and lonely at the bottom of the staircase.


And I guess I would have been too, if I hadn’t opened my mind and taken on board the messages yesterday to the possibility of flexibility.  I have been fluid like the seaweed in the strong currents and been bendy like the bamboo.


So rather than have supper with sister, I cooked a spicy chicken for my family.  And that was lovely too.  My stomach still nauseous, I wouldn’t have been able to have our usual Cosmopolitans, so our day in May gives me plenty of time to recover.. #theuniversehadmyback!!!


While I was looking forward to time on the train to focus on some work, with no distractions, I have ignored the piles of washing and sat in front of the fire, written a proposal, made the necessary tweaks to my basic website, caught up on lectures.


And tomorrow, rather than take a tour of Windsor Castle like we had planned and have supper with my Dad, I will get on top of our bathroom designs with a tour of the bathrooms showrooms and be a Mum and dish out pizza and popcorn for family movie night.


My suitcase.  Unpacked.  It may be empty, but I am not.  I remain full, happy, relaxed and ready for the next twist, turn or redirection.


let go

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