It’s been a strange half term.  Nothing went to plan.  No visit to see new babies or new homes or Grandad fresh from his travels.


But perhaps we all needed to stay at home, making home, feeling at home.  Each room is slowly becoming more homely and snug the more we use it.  The more we use each of the rooms, the more of a vision we have on how we will use them, when we will spend time in the them, who will use them.


Rest is so important.  And maybe we needed that too.  My Big Boy only just looking and sounding like he has gotten over his Christmas flu, bouncing back with beans and his energetic enthusiasm for life.  My Little Boy finally can eat again, swallow more than ice cream now that the scary swelling has reduced and his tonsils less inflamed.  And the Big Man, he is finally more relaxed than I have seen him for years.


My favourite time today, apart from getting over my procrastinating mind to go out for a gorgeous fresh run, were the moments my boys came and snuggled into my lap.   My little one all soft and squidgy, despite having no meat on his bones, peppering me with little kisses and declaring undying love (!) with his little arms around my neck.  And my Big long limbed, bony one, so affectionate, so emotionally sensitive.  But only when the shutters are shut, the curtains are closed and there is no one to see he is still a little boy at heart…  I relish those moments.  SAvour them and store them away.


My worst time today was just now.  Mixed communication and crossed wires means that 2 of us will be at home tomorrow, but not together ..

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