When self love is no longer arrogance

There are always themes running through my day… and today’s theme kept coming back to the topic of self love.

This has played such a huge part of my healing and growth over the last 2 years. It was shortly after my Mumbo died that I decided to put myself first, work out who I was as a forty year old ex professional, mum and wife and who did I want to become.

So ‘project me’ kicked off.

I look back through my blog which has documented this journey and I am proud of myself. 2 years on, I find I am sharing my home made techniques as well as the inspiration I found from books and other teachers. I am doing exactly what I said I would do, learn from my experiences and then teach others, be the person I wish I had had by my side.

I have picked back up Marianne Williamson’s Return to Love. That’s where it all started – a re-found love for myself. In doing so, I realised that I did have for myself and my worth. And the clearer I became on who I was and who I was going to be, my self esteem grew little by little.

In her book, she talks about the spiritual practice of the course in miracles. Spirituality, in her paraphrased words is just a way of connecting with your authentic self… and a miracle is just a change in perception of fear to love. We often fail to be and live the values of our authentic self as we fear that others may no longer like or love us. But if we shift that fear to love and Love ourselves enough, we no long need fear the loss of love of others, because we no longer need it.

I used to think that self love was arrogance. 2 years on, with research and practice and habit, I now know that self love is inner peace. And inner peace, is the new success.

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