Speaking your truth

The words of two great women flow around my head today.  They swim through the cold and flue fog that is keeping my energy levels low and my mood somewhat melancholy.

The first, were the words of Claire Foy as she plays the Queen in the fantastic series, The Crown.  In answer to her mother’s question about Mrs Kennedy being unhappy in her marriage…

‘But That’s the thing about unhappiness.  All it takes is for something worse to come along, and you realise that it was happiness after all.’

And the second, the words of Oprah in her acceptance speech for her Golden Globe for a lifetime achievement.  She shares how she has spoken to the many who have overcome some of the ugliest things life can throw at us and their “Ability to maintain hope for a brighter morning, even during our darkest nights.”

So maybe it isn’t just about these two women, but also a third – Mrs Kennedy, who was already unhappy in the limelight and the spotlight that her husband thrust upon her, only to have to experience one of Oprah’s ugly life events to make her realise her mistake.  And a mistake, I am sure she learnt from, grew from and became one of those inspirational women who focussed on rebuilding herself with hope at the centre so that she became the icon ‘Jackie O’.

All these women have shared their incredible stories, journey’s and truth.  They have inspired so many women, and perhaps men, including me through my ugly life lessons.  I feel so many suffer in silence and shame but perhaps hearing Oprah, they will speak to share their truth;  and to those who make me feel shame for sharing my truth publicly and have had me hiding my story away, perhaps they too will realise how powerful it can be, not only for yourself to heal, but also to inspire those in the same darkness.

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