Inspiring a generation

Today I was reminded how much our children grow up to be mini versions of ourselves.

And that reminded me that we owe it to them and to the generations to follow to be and continue being and becoming the best, the kindest, the most generous, abundant, happy, forgiving, appreciative, authentic, genuine, adventurous, creative, compassionate, playful, non-judgemental, passionate, confident, thoughtful and loving versions of ourselves so that we can inspire the generations of the future.

This morning, as I have many a time throughout the last 20 years, I stood recognising my nervous fear as my companions disappear down an off piste, knee deep powder, tree lined, steep and scary passage leading to the unknown.  And I know I just have to take a deep breathe and go for it.  Leap over that boundary of the comfort zone and push myself, for I know now that on the other side of my fear is an heavenly adventure.

This afternoon, a few hours later, I watched Tom do exactly the same.  Face his fear of the unknown … and then just go for it!  His squeals of delight bouncing round the mountain.

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