Just as it was

It’s just as it was in the beginning.  Just the 3 of us.  Drinking wine.  Setting early morning alarms – then to remind us to stop drinking and ‘go!’ – now to make sure we have enough time to get children and ourselves ready to ‘go!’

The chat slightly different too… I don’t recall what it was in our very early twenties, but in our very early 40’s it is women in the army and Brexit – the London version and the northern version.

I am genuinely excited!  Can’t wait!   We bonded in those early days and years ‘on and off the piste’… and those bonds forged a lifetime hold.  And I am glad they do and that they have.

This time last year, I was facing a life as a single Mum, full of shame and embarrassment, broken by grief, flying away to be far away and to reconnect with another lifelong bond.  On that long flight to distance myself from my reality, I could never have imagined a year later I would be or even able to be going to spend a week with the one person and the one family I was then running from.

But I am.

As the year draws to an end, I conclude once again that time heals by dimming the light on past pain and memory, allowing you to enjoy the happy, more recent moments.  And today there have been many – with both my sisters and all my nieces and nephews.  All of them the jewels in the darkness that keep you moving towards the light.

*Written in deepest darkest Tring on 29th January 2017 around 9.30pm but no wifi / hotspot connection to upload!

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