Rules – to break or not to break

I am all for rules being tested, bent and broken.  And as long as they remain within the confines of the law and don’t mess with the boundaries of safety and wellbeing of yourself and others.

I don’t mind if milk gets spilt, too much chocolate is eaten, mud on the wool carpets… and I no longer over react if something is broken.  I have learnt to sigh and realise that breaks can be fixed, that they add character and unique features.  And that sometimes, while something is broken, it can provide a well needed rest or perhaps reignite a desire and more importantly, recognise appreciation.

So, at seeing the broken buggy, with a wheel hanging off and a fence post lying supine, and 7 sad faces looking at me out of mud caked faces, I knew it was time to wheel it into its shed for a well-deserved rest having been run ragged around the fields for hours.

But I didn’t anticipate what would happen next, little boys, being little boys, bending and breaking the rules.

There were only 3 rules stipulated for the birthday party, the first being to stay within the boundary fences, walls and hedges.  An obvious safety rule.

One that was broken and ended up with 2 fire engines racing up the road and turning on a dime edge down the lane and in to the field.

This time it was 4 pairs of scared eyes that looked up at me and one pair of eyes from way up high looking down at me.  A heart in mouth moment and the realisation that it was one thing I couldn’t resolve on my own.

I trust that all the boys learnt a lesson today.  There was no need for admonishment, angry words or a loss of control.  The seriousness of the situation spoke for itself.  But the memory will come from the relief and fun afterwards…. And the story that I am sure they will all dine out on for many years.

I already overhead them giggling about it… “I can’t believe I got stuck 40ft up a tree … and the fire brigade came to get me down!”

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