It is clear from today, having not had many moments alone, that could be my problem.  The alone time.  The time to overthink.  The time to hesitate, hyper-critique myself in to hiding and feeling helpless.  The exact 4 H’s Mel Robbins refers to as the keys to understanding self-doubt.


So today, I have felt good.  Alive.  Out of my Fly Trap.  Free.


A day joined at the hip with the Big Man, giggling on a spin bike like kids, enjoying a jovial lunch with friends and then a house full of little boys and grandparents eating steaks and chips.  I am content.  Self-doubt slipping out of that egg timer.


Tomorrow I know will be the same again; surrounded yet liberated from my noisy mind.


I will do well on Monday to remind myself of this; and if I feel that sand slow or the egg timer do a mid-flow flip, refer back to Mel Robbins and her 54321 key to unlocking self-belief and confidence by continuing to take those small steps forward.


self doubt



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