Cat cowling

I didn’t like hearing the truth tonight.  The truth that you are trying to avoid always hurts when it hits home.


Lying on my back, unable to move is frustrating; makes me angry and grumpy and mean.  My old habit of putting up defences to defend myself, no longer needed as I am met with compassion and love, patience and good advice. The advice to slow down, when I am back up; change my high intensity and frequency of exercise, be softer on my aging body.  My track record speaks for itself – my body giving me clear signs; repeated injury cycles – torn calf, bad back, lack of energy.


I didn’t like it.  But I heard it.  And I don’t like being unable to do anything – I don’t like not being able to cook supper, pick up the boys, go trick or treating.


So I am listening.  And I need to love my body enough to listen to it more.


In the meantime, my body allowed me to catch up on the latest Harvey Specter escapades while I did my cat cowls and cobras…  So I am taking my inspiration from him!





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