a tradition

I heard a lovely story this evening.


On the Amalfi Coast, 2 couples were dining in a restaurant; one approached the other and asked if they were on honeymoon, the man twirling his new wedding band, the give away!  On actual confirmation, they told the story that 25 years previously, they had been celebrating their honeymoon too, and a couple had approached them with the same question and subsequently bought them dinner to congratulate them.  And so started a beautiful tradition – to go to a beautiful destination to celebrate a quarter century together, and also to find and wish a newlywed couple the same happy future.


Something so simple, so romantic, in an age where marriage seems to be less so.


I am not entirely sure I believe in marriage anymore, those vows and promises too easy to break;  but that’s not to say I don’t believe in true love and that can last 25 years at least…





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