Daydreaming is good for you!

Everything I have been listening to and reading up on today has been pointing towards dreams. Day dreams.  Freeing your mind from all limitations.


From my course work lecture from Martin Kisp who asked “What are the 5 things that you are putting off doing, because of fear of what you think might happen?”


To my audiobook I am loving listening to in the car, The Celestine Prophecy, as the lead character is learning about the 7th and 8th insights, he is learning to use his intuition, his dreams, thoughts and daydreams to predict what may happen in his future.


And finally, to the Marie Forleo interview I listened to as I cooked supper, with Latham Thomas, a wellness guru who advised that we should all act out our inner child by carving out time each day to day dream.  Our day dreams are the way to open up our own consciousness and determine our own unique blueprint for what is possible.  I love what she said, “Dreams are the soil that fuels the purpose of your soul.”


In a guided meditation this morning by Martin Kisp, he asked me to remember a time when I was at rock bottom.  Now that is a can of worms in itself, but I breathed through the panic and floated back down that rabbit hole, and joined myself under my duvet, the place I hid when I had no idea what was going to happen to me, my boys, our family; when the weight of the ocean and the world was pressing down on me, as life, each subsequent moment felt uncertain.


Martin Kisp asked me, my current self to say something to that pathetic, broken creature, who was too scared to hope, too broken to dream.


You made it.  You made it.”


That was all the advice I needed to know at that time.  That there was a future.  That it was bearable.


Martin talked about courageous action.  Each day, I did take courageous action.  Some days, it may have been just getting in the car and getting to school.  Over time, over this year, those courageous actions became bolder, until I dared to dream again.  And the reality is far more than ‘bearable’.  Galaxies away from where I thought I would ever be able to be.   But all it took was one small step each day, or every other day.


So if my future self in a year, came back to see me again, as I sit here drinking wine, in our new home, excited for a family holiday, enthusiastic for the future and my career… what would she say our life, my life would be like?  What would she be like?  What about 5 years from now?


That will be my daydream next week, as life slows down for half term.  And I will ask her all about her life, her journey, what were the courageous actions she took daily, how did she face the challenges to come?


And what is the best bit about life in 5 years?  Now there’s a good day dream to have!


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