Man to mum time

Time passes so quickly these days.   In a good way.  But watching the boys grow and flourish right now, makes me realise how fast a decade of years has gone by.

Time has a habit of speeding up the older I get, the older they get.  So will it feel like another blink of an eye before the next 10 years shoot past?

These last couple of weekends, we have been one boy down; either on camp or sporting activities, a situation I had thought would imbalance our family weekends.

But actually, they did the reverse.

Some full attention, quality time, one to one, man to mum time, allowing them to choose what they wanted to do to fill the time.  Their characters clear – food, booting balls and fast car movies for one; hours of filming to perfect the skateboard ollie and even more hours of Pictionary for the other.

In ten years’ time, when I am sat wondering where the last 10 years went, I know that these kinds of days, these moments will be abundant in my memories.  For a few caught moments of time a week, with just my boys, getting to know them, letting them feel my love wholly, rather than halved with another or splintered with doing work or jobs is so important.  Those will be the precious ones in amongst the many others of precious happy family memories.

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