The juicing era

It’s funny how a taste, a smell can take you right back to being at an event sometime in the past or draw up an image of a person in your mind.  It happens to me a lot.  Particularly with smells… but tonight, it was with a taste… and I suppose a smell.

I had a new delivery this week.  I have been contemplating getting one for a long time, doing my research, listening, reading but it was attending a day retreat this week when I had the opportunity to ask the questions, listen first hand to the answers, I made my decision. And took the leap in to juicing.

This evening, with great excitement, I gathered together the apples from our garden, organic carrots from the bottom of the fridge and some uneaten, unloved by many, but loved by me celery and took great pleasure in popping them down a wide shoot, pushing down on the plunger and seeing the most vibrant colours trickle out of the spout.

As I lifted the glass to my mouth, it must have been the smell first that took me back to my parents kitchen table and the taste that brought the image of my Mumbo giving us all glasses of carrot juice before an evening meal as our ‘starter’.  She would often go through food fads or diet crazes and this was her juicing era.

It was a lovely, sweet memory.  It was a lovely, sweet juice.

And I am now happy added more antioxidents in to my diet with a slab of Menier chocolat.

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