Makeover goals

So much for an early night!  But I set myself a goal for the weekend, and I couldn’t get to go to bed until I had done it.  Operation ‘Skiffkey’ started in earnest with 3 of us, 2 fell asleep but one of us soldiered on..

The house makeover has started!

Probably not in the most important of places, for example, as the surveyor reported – the roof that could ‘blow off in the next big gust of wind’, or the plumbing which means hot water takes 5 minutes to run to the tap, or just the general lack of places to wash without us all having to run through the shower in quick succession for fear of bringing the roof down with leaky water pipes…

Strange how I can live with that….but I could no longer live with the germaline pink walls of the library and its mint green and tartan pelmetted curtains.

I fear the faux marble brick effect walls may get the same treatment…

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