My sister and I both walked down the aisle to Pachelbel canon in d minor. There must have been something in our childhood that stirred some memory to make us both tearful with emotion when we hear those first soft few strums of the strings as it leads in to the tune that recognisable throughout.

It took me quite by surprise this morning as i hung my head low and breathed deeply through the remains of a hangover and the sweaty aftermath of a Saturday morning spin class.

As I listened, the pattern and the pace of the music followed the pattern of my love for the Big Man, our relationship and our marriage.

The start is slow and curious, just as as we were, being friends through his sister.

But it soon picks up pace as the key notes form, just as we knew very early on we were destined to dance on together through life, stepping in line to our own music.

As I listened, i recognised the tinkling higher notes arrive, perhaps reminiscent of the pitter patter of tiny feet, followed shortly after by a more serious, darker melodic undertone, sinister, enticing to the ear and a tempting distraction. Yet another parallel as we have both questioned our status quo…my career, his freedom… where we lost our way, our harmonious tune threatened.

And yet, the same tune, always present, eventually powers through and cuts off the dark, deeper notes and embraces a new key.
And this is where I appreciate we are. Powering through, in a new key: same harmonies, different pitch. A clearer one.

If I look to Pachelbel to anticipate my future, I can see it will continue in mature, slower version of the same.

I remember those moments just as we approached the church, laughing with my bridesmaids, only to have my breath taken away with overwhelming emotion that left me breathless as those first notes of the organ played. My legendary Dad instinctively holding me straight, speaking calm words with each step, with each beat of the tune.

If I were to go back in time and take my other arm, I would speak the words of Pachelbel's Canon, and whisper in my other ear to sing your own tune, dance the right dance, dance so fast and hard you spin past the temptations, staying true to yourself; embrace each passage, each chapter and let them mature you with experience so you dance together, to your own unique tune, your own beautiful waltz of life.

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