Hey good lookin’!

In a day full of lovely, happy thoughts, doing happy, lovely things, one strong one remains with me. The memory of my once shy, timid, sad little boy dancing in front of a mirror, wiggling his hips, tipping back his hat and admiring his new shirt and shorts, knowing he looked good.

As this happy thought floated in my head another joined it. Is it just youth that makes you love your image? Perhaps growing to vanity as you mature and are exposed to society's image of beauty, style and cool.

And as the thoughts tumbled, I smiled a wry smile as I promised myself that tomorrow, when I dress, rather than the torrent of dagger like jibes my mind throws my mirrored image, I will follow the boys's lead and tip back my head, flick my hair, gyrate my hips, point my finger and tell myself I look hot!

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