Good days. Bad days.

I can now look at yesterday as just a bad day.  Just a bad day.  A bad day amidst a lot of good ones.  Not so long ago it felt like every day was a bad day.  So yes, I can look at yesterday as a bad day and a reminder of how far I have come since 22nd October 2016.


Today was a good day; while yesterday plunged me unwittingly in to the dark of the past, today catapulted me back to the current and our future plans.  And my future plans specifically, as we signed on the dotted line and I take on a new role, to complete my new identity as a virgin property developer.


Good days.  Bad days.   The balance is tipping in favour of the positive and I can see how we have turned a terrible thing, a challenging, disappointing time and originally seemingly catastrophe into an opportunity to reshape and renew our lives so that we sit and marvel at each other and our surroundings with big smiles across the old family kitchen table.


……  and a tiny little small voice asks, wonders and perhaps even hopes that the third party in all of this has managed to do the same and find the light too.



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