Happiness resides

In a day when the future of the country, lies in the hearts and minds and hands that tick in a box of the country, it was also a day to stay positive and remain calm.  It was a day to make a choice, and decide to the best of your own knowledge and opinion and then move on.


What will be, will be.


Que sera, sera.


Whatever the outcome is, in my perspective, sound and solid or disastrous and disappointing, the only thing to do is to keep moving forward, with positivity, seeing the good in the moment, rather than trying to change something that cannot be undone. Something as an individual I can commit to doing and based on events in London and Manchester this year, clearly as a country we can also commit to doing.


I take many photos.  Several a day and if a special day, then I am snap happy.  At the end of the week, I delete some and highlight some as favourites.


After my own personal and disastrous events of 7 months ago, I didn’t think there could possibly be any joy or light in the future.  And yet, this morning, as I was thinking positive thoughts and ways to make me smile, I scrolled through those favourites and all I saw were happy faces, smiles, laughter, love and joyful times.


Life goes on.  Happiness resides.  Even In the darkness, there is light. And whatever happens tomorrow, the same will remain true whatever the outcome and whatever the tick in the box.




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