daring to dream

Everything is prepped for tomorrow:  a large slug of beef fillet is marinating nicely, the wine is being chilled, the pavlova cake is cooking slowly in the bottom aga, the raw beetroot diced and prepped, gluten free sausages lined up for cremation and there are 3 types of ice cream in the freezer to suit all allergies; fresh towels and clean sheets are ready to greet our friends who are slightly delayed from 2016 to 2034 into York station.


So I am prepped.


And now I can indulge a few moments in thinking about an exciting meeting I plucked up the courage to have today.  I have lost count of the number of times I had to postpone it, but I felt the Universe had my back, today was the right day.  A morning being kind to myself and allowing my energy to be restored after the last few days, I donned on my new lucky gold converse and Mumbo’s gold fish and went to meet my first publisher.


As I drove over, distracting myself by listening to one of my favourite authors of the year – Liz Gilbert – Distracting my mind of the ping pong conversation it was having;  JK Rowling had to speak many publishers over many years before the first year of the Hogwarts story was put to print, Liz Gilbert too…. While the other side kept reminding me time was just an illusion. I could expect it to take a long time, have to speak to countless people before even getting anywhere or anyone to consider my work seriously.  Or I could expect that it take no time at all. 


Hope and excitement vs realism and practicality.  In my mind, the choice to look to a future of colour and fun adventure or grey and dull boredom.


So I took the middle path and decided to just enjoy the process, just as Mark Manson advised me yesterday.


My intention, as I say to myself every day, in fact, one of the many intentions I state each morning is to ‘write my book, be a published author and put the alisandwiches out to the world’, regardless of the outcome, criticism or feedback.


And here I am, prepped, with the marinating beef and baking pavlova cakes, trying to work out which few to choose, out of the 623 blogs (excluding this one) to send to him and which ones to do a voice recording of.  It’s a completely unexpected, yet delightfully exhilarating feeling!


Tomorrow will be a day of celebration again for the second time this week, and while the intention is to celebrate the Big Man’s 40th with a few of his oldest friends, it will also be a celebration of dreams being realised; for the Big Man’s dream of being able to celebrate a big birthday with his family and friends, that at one time we all thought wouldn’t be possible;  for us as a family to celebrate the dream house’s last negotiations finally having a line drawn under them;  for me to celebrate having the courage to take the next step in making my dream come true;  and lastly and most importantly,  to celebrate the good news that our beautiful friends have been dreaming of for several years!






As I write this, I realise dreams coming true are intentions realised through hard work and dedication over time, being flexible in your thinking and open to opportunities put in your path and a rock solid belief that there is no other outcome.


The publisher’s name…  The Fisher King, because Kingfisher was already taken.  And there she is, Mumbo, the Universe, whoever, whatever giving me the biggest sign that I am on the right path for my own dream.



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