House of cards

A house of cards….


A house of cards in a pyramid.  Like the ones we used to build when we were young, in bored evenings or rainy weekends at school.


Apparently, one appeared to my Reiki master last week, by my feet.


Just one of the many things that appeared around me, but I just haven’t had the time to research it all.


But the house of cards struck me today.  Because if you take off those top two cards, the house of cards typically comes falling down…


And perhaps, I don’t need to research that one as it feels like my future, the one we have been planning for, is the house of cards and it is all about to come crashing down around us.


Am I strong enough or patient enough to rebuild it back up again?


Do I have the strength of character to see this as a potential new start again, and see it again as a way to rebuild something new, change direction again?


Maybe this time Australia is on the cards?


Or maybe, just maybe do we just play it sooooo steady, without breathing remove the roof cards, so so gently that it all stays standing strong?


Right now, I am beyond caring.  I have sunk half a bottle of wine and going to bed.  Buying houses in this country is an emotional torture!!



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