Am I the violet…

Last night I was interviewed by Oprah.


She worked her magic on me through the night, teasing out all the facts and details, feelings and emotions, like the different coloured flags in a magician’s sleeve until they lay in a heaped puddle of silky colour on the floor.


As the sun rose, I felt light headed from the lack of sleep, but generally lighter from the liberation and stronger from the Oprah love; her compliments and words of thanks, just as she does with all her guests, making them feel like they have taught her invaluable lessons and inspired her, rather than the other way around.


Perhaps she has become the new cheerleader in my mind, a stronger character than Snow White, the Queen of Inspiration and Strength, rather than the Princess of Hope and Kindness…. or maybe they are just joining forces during this time.


It was no coincidence then, when she was at the top of my suggested playlist this morning.  Even less of a coincidence that she was interviewing one of my favourite teachers, Dr Wayne Dyer…. And they happened to be talking about coincidences!


That there is no such thing.


In fact, the word coincidence is derived from the mathematical term, where two angles ‘coincide’ to make a perfect fit.  It doesn’t describe a fortunate mistake or lucky happening.  It was meant to be.


I was meant to listen to their discussion.  So much of it I needed to hear today, giving me strength and guidance to know I am in the right place and I am on the right path, right now.


In addition to the definition of coincidence, I loved their discussion on perfection.  How life is always perfect and exactly as it should be, even in terrible times of turmoil, despair.  Both Wayne and Oprah talked of their own demons and tragedies but that all of it transformed them in to the people they are today, each experience being a teacher of a lesson and all they had to do was listen, be open to learning and then take the wisdom and share it with the world, turn something bad or sad in to something good and worthwhile.


What has happened in my life has been perfect.   It feels odd or strange to say that but as difficult and heartbreaking it has all been, has lead to where we are right now.  Heading to the life we have always dreamt of.  I am not a victim of my circumstances but a victor.  I am stronger and I am more confident at being me.


And if I am to believe and trust in that, then forgiveness comes back on to the table.


Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.’  A beautiful way to think of it.


Can I see myself as the Violet?


If everything that has happened is ‘perfect’ in the order of my life, is there anything to forgive?  If the heel crushes to release the fragrance, shouldn’t the heel be loved?








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