Pink or silver shoes?

I have never been more prepared for a dinner party in my life! And I have never been more apprehensive… is that the right word? 
Everything is done: the lamb has been marinating for 2 days and now getting up to room temperature before cooking on the BBQ; my veg all ready to go and my special secret delicious potato salsa is prepped; the courgette crostini are just waiting for their mini poached quail egg to be rewarmed and popped on top; my impressive first attempt raspberry roulade is setting nicely and mumbo’s chocolate pots look beautiful in my special ristretto cups.
My table is laid and looks beautiful with spring flowers from Granny’s garden, the wine is either being chilled or warming by the Aga.
My magnolia lipstick applied and all I have to do is choose between pink and silver shoes….

And try to slow my heart as I remember the last time we entertained and my heart was shattered as she decided that it was the perfect time to introduce herself to me. 
So as I turn off my phone…pink or silver? G&T or V&T?

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