Time. ‘My tyme’.

The passing of time. Is it the passing of time that makes grief of any loss easier? Memories fading, feelings less intense? Newer experiences filling a void? The future more exciting than the pain of the past?
Sometimes I have a hard time believing ‘it’ all ever happened at all? As we lie in a Mortimer chain of bodies, eating pizza and drinking wine, watching a family movie, sunkissed, wind swept… it could be last August and yet it is this April… 
Has the last 6 months just gone down a sink hole? 
In many ways, there have been similarities to the grief of the loss of my Mumbo; feelings of shock, sadness, disbelief, relief, anger, frustration. But she is no longer here, not in the spirit world anyway, and we all are, just as if nothing had happened.
And then there is acceptance. 
As Eckhart Tolle says, ‘If you argue internally with what is you suffer…. You can’t change what is… Surrender to what is’
Maybe I am now in the acceptance phase. And now it is my time, our time, to surrender what is.      

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