Feeling like a princess

Today there was no time, no opportunity to get lost in my head. There was only the now. This moment. 
And in this one I am happy. A good day. The drawing of lines has started. And with my natural state to be scared of change, I know it is right, the evolution feels good.
Plus I stepped over a line. My comfort zone line… and once you have stepped over that line, you can’t go back. I stepped out and put myself under the bright lights of a catwalk, put myself out there for scrutiny. Scrutiny that I am sure is only in my head.. the critical voice of my Mumbo in my head, my body dysmorphia all in my mind.

The dresses were stunning. And the voices in my head were quiet as I lived in the moment and I felt like a princess! And everyone deserves to feel like a princess, for a moment. 

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