The Magic Wand

There were little bits of magic in the small things today.  Little bits of magic to help turn the dark image stream fade; fade back in to the grey peripheral of my consciousness.


Magic in the dancing sun rays and the warmth of the welcome spring sun on my face.


Magic in the sound of the music blasting from the old boom box as we made the first pass of a clear out of the garage –  6 week countdown ‘til moving day.


Magic in Willy’s inquisitive innocence – “just checking if the tadpoles have grown legs yet!” – having just pulled the frogspawn out of the pond into a bowl.


Magic in the fresh smelling white washing fluttering in the breeze on the line.


Magic in the first barbecue of the year, smokey, succulent rare steaks, bowls of raw crunchy salads.


Magic in the soft, downy skin of Willy’s cheeks just in front of his ear and the silky, fuzz of the nape of Tom’s neck as they both drape themselves over me on the sofa.


The magic wand of the little gratitudes to extricate the gloom and grim from my brain.




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