the pig of happiness

Today, we definitely applied the Super Sunday formula, but this evening I am feeling a little pent up, frustrated, on edge rather than chilled and relaxed.  Despite full on attention, connection, compassion and lots of quality time together, if it wasn’t one child it seemed to be the other who was playing out.  One screaming and shouting if something didn’t quite go his way or the other with ‘teenage’ back chat, sullen sulks.


Today, patience had to play a key part.  Fuelling the fire with mirrored back chat or angry shouting, just made everything worse.


Today, patience held that anger and frustration in.  And now I can feel it.


Today, I wasn’t sure how I was going to release the unhealthy emotions healthily.  I don’t feel like a bath, too wired for mindfulness, too late and dark for a run.  And then Lewis Litt from Suits and his eccentricity makes me laugh.


Today, the only way to find release is with laughter and happiness.


And as I realise that, I find a little book that was given to us as an engagement present, ‘The Pig of Happiness’ by Ed Monkton.  The story of a little pig, unhappy with the grumpy pigs around him, so he makes himself so happy, by seeing all the good, undoing all the nasty things, that he explodes with happiness!  The explosion spreads the happiness far and wide to all pigs, all sheep and even the hen.


A lovely reminder.  Laughter and happiness is the medicine.



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