I have that wonderful tired feeling.  That tired happy feeling.  The wonderful tired happy feeling you have after one of life’s truly memorable days.


My ‘Get Happy’ book must be working.  Or maybe Africa is working its magic on me.


Today’s task was to write down at the end of the day 3 things that went well and then answer the question for each one ‘why did this good thing happen?’.  So not so dissimilar to my habit of journaling and writing my gratitudes.  But a slight twist.. and according to 2 days ago, being flexible is a great way to lead to change…


So…   3 things.  3 good things that happened today at the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate races today in Cape Town.  “LQP.”


Lots of love and laughter.  Why?  Because I let myself relax and allowed myself to enjoy myself.  I gave myself permission to live, laugh, love life rather than be sad and lonely, fearful or angry.  But in all honesty, that is testament to the the wonderful people I am with, who give me the confidence and love that enables me to let my guard down that much.


Quids in!  Because I had a little flutter on the ponies, despite not being a gambling or betting person, it would have been rude not to engage in the days events.  I flicked through the programme of 10 races and bet on only 2 horses for a place, which I chose based on their names.  ‘Stream of kindness’, who came pretty much last.. and ‘It’s my turn’ who came 2nd.  I was up a 100R  (or a fiver!)


Picture perfect day.  The setting and the atmosphere was really just beautiful today.  The dress code to attend the races at LQP is strictly blue and white.  So the views from any angle were beautiful as the mix of the crowds, the tents, awnings, flowers and bunting all matched the blue skies of Cape Town with cotton clouds chasing across the mountainous backdrop.


LQP.  3 good things.  And now, one ‘last quick peep’ at my sleeping angels and I will be at peace.



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